• Scope of Networking v/s Software Programming?

    • 13 Feb 2018

    Late 19th Century witnessed development of  IT industry in India with two major operational sectors i.e. IT Services and BPOs (Business Process Outsourcing). IT Industry in India became more vibrant and perceptible post liberalization making many cities of our country popular IT Hubs permanently. With rapid development of technologies in the market Software Development took a gigantic turn and our India’s IT Industry took a huge leap towards success. Many employment opportunities had sprouted in the market for software developers as increase in need or demand for life easing softwares had come to crest. Like an old saying- every sunrise has its dawn; Software Development Industry similarly witnessed a major downfall in terms of availability of jobs and demand of the software developers.

    Since Software Industry suffered from a great recession, people started opting for different employment fields which weren’t related to softwares but had their roots in different areas of the IT Industry. With the development of IT Industry and related employment opportunities, Internet also had begun to establish its niche in market. This was the time when Networking started to flourish and deepen its roots in Industry. The reason why networking has become the most preferred and popular choice amongst freshers for making their career in IT business is its vast scope and unrivaled growth it offers. Networking in world of computers and internet plays a significant role while sharing data amongst two or more devices/computers. Making communication a lot easier by introducing data, voice and video mediums, Networking is on its way of becoming one of the most profitable and dependable areas of our industry. 

    The genre of Networking brought numerous employment opportunities in India and abroad virtually fascinating people. The various job roles networking offers are Network Engineers (multiple levels), CCNA Engineers, Network Support Engineers, Desktop Engineers, Hardware Engineers, Security Engineers, CCIE Engineers, IT Managers, VoIP Engineers, Cisco Voice Architects, and many more to mention. All these designations offer well paid starts to freshers and even better to experienced networking professionals. For example a CCIE fresher may get a start of INR 5 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs’ Salary Package whereas a CCIE Experienced may get INR 7 Lakhs to INR 30 Lakhs per annum. All these job prospects and salary packages being offered hold long term potentials for the employees but require a clear and deep understanding of the area taken up.

    Networking is an area with a much broader concept than it might ever appear to common man. Networking conceals numerous areas of our online world ranging from building of networks for communication enablement, Network Implementation which deals with designing and making a network live, securing a network against unwanted threats and malwares, etc. No part of our life has remained untouched by this track of IT Industry, be it our personal LANs or be it the Wi-Fi connections at our offices, homes, etc. Networking has occupied every technological part of our lives i.e. mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. Hence, the power Networking beholds within itself is preeminent and beyond comparison.

    Many people have claimed that software engineers enjoy more benefits than network engineers do in terms of perks, stress-free careers, better incentives, salary hikes, career growth and opportunities, etc. The statement quoted above is not at all justified as a network engineer for an instance is only responsible for handling the transmission of data keeping the entire process flowing which is so unlike software engineers/programmers. Being a software engineer one is solely responsible for maintaining integrity of data stored and for the mistakes committed which at times may lead to serious consequences being faced. Such a situation is much worse than being explicitly responsible for the data flowing process rather than being completely or implicitly responsible for oneness of data being held. Other than this a software programmer needs to constantly upgrade his programming skills which is not exactly the case in networking arena. Cisco certifications have been designed in such a manner that upon enrolling for any specific certification in any track offers you amazing growth and scope opportunities. Put simply a long time career with great salaries and job security. There are many institutes offering Cisco CCIE training in India.

    One prerequisite while being a software engineer is to have computer science degree which is not completely true if one wants to be a network engineer. Network engineers can be carved into skillful professionals by proper Cisco training irrespective of having any computer science background/degree. Graduation though is required as a minimum qualification for working in various MNCs of India and world. For making an impactful career in networking or software programming industry one requires to have a strong interest in respective field of study while getting aptly trained for the same. Also the skillset learned must be maintained throughout in order to keep one’s chances of getting a well justifiable job high.

    So whichever career one may choose from different fields of IT industry, all it takes is sincere dedication and will power to do something extra ordinary making a huge mark and a place for oneself. Finding a job which pays you well but doesn’t serve your phycological interests is of no use at all. So we highly recommend people to gain deep insights about their own interests before choosing any particular filed as their career. Also if one is seeking advice from different people, consider only those who have some experience in the same profile/industry as they will be able to guide and advice you well.



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